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Burnt Cones

Food & Beverages

  • 01 - K9
  • 10am -10pm

Burnt Cones, born amid the COVID pandemic, epitomizes culinary ingenuity and camaraderie. Two childhood friends, bonded by a love for gelato, transitioned from graduating Carpigiani, Italy’s top gelato school, to founding a cozy gelato cafe. Crafted in-house, our gelato reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Unique burnt cones, paired with French butter waffles, offer a tantalizing experience. Our meticulously sourced coffee beans, roasted in-house, promise a memorable sip. More than a cafe, Burnt Cones embodies a journey of discovery and friendship, inviting enthusiasts to join us in crafting delightful moments. We welcome like-minded individuals to share our passion for quality, innovation, and community