Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) in the Fight Against COVID-19

Dear Shoppers,

Additional measures have been put in place at UOL Malls from 22 Jul to 18 Aug 2021. We seek your patience should you encounter delays and queues upon entering our mall.

• Mall capacity limits have been reduced.
• Dining-in at F&B establishments will not be available. You may find out the delivery options available for each F&B brand via our website.
• A 30 min grace period for our carpark has been extended to support delivery riders and drivers.
• We have installed Self-Check SafeEntry gantries at our mall’s entrances to ensure proper SafeEntry check-ins and check-outs. The automated Self-Check SafeEntry detects the TraceTogether token & mobile app using Bluetooth signals.

We encourage all parents to prepare their children above 7 years old with their own TraceTogether token. Children below 7 years old, needs to be accompanied by parents.

Please check in with your TraceTogether Mobile App or Token:
• Temperature will be taken. Shoppers with temperatures above 37.5°C will not be allowed entry.
• Always wear a mask.
• Stay in group sizes of up to 2 persons.
• Maintain safe distancing.
• Practice good personal hygiene.

Let us work together to practice safe management measures to keep our community safe.

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